Technical Files
Technical Files
Fire-Resistant & Anti-Magnetism (Data) Safe Cabinets Introduction
 Background knowledge: self-ignition of paper is 180. Paper will be carbonized and data will be disappeared when ambient temperature exceeds 180. The maximum safe referred temperature of storage magnetic material is 52 Celsius degrees. Magnetic files will be ruined within a few minutes when ambient temperature is slightly above 52 Celsius degrees. That means information disappeared forever.

Fire-Resistant Data Protection Cabinets

It is refer to the paper fire-resistant protection cabinet, and international standard provisions: the internal temperature maintains below 180 Celsius degrees at least 1 hour when the cabinet was put into a calcining test furnace at 1000 Celsius degrees. Paper will not be carbonized, writing on the paper still clear and identifiable.

Magnetic-Mediated Information Safe Cabinets

Of its international standard is calcined at 1000 degrees Celsius test furnace, the cabinet maintains the temperature below 52 Celsius degrees at least 1 hour. Magnetic-mediated files did not damage, and can read immediately. The cabinet is the only way to save computerized information, and widely used in the world for government departments, banking and financial systems, stock markets, insurance company, archive, large corporations, the military and other fields.

Anti-Magnetism & Fireproof File Cabinet (Drawer Style) is an exclusive patented product. It is the world’s pioneer to make the paper fireproof cabinet and magnetic-mediated safe cabinet into one cabinet. Series of this product with a drawer is divided into paper fireproof drawer and magnetic-mediated fireproof drawer. It can be stored both paper files and magnetic-mediated information such as magnetic disks, magnetic tapes. It effectively resists external temperature, magnetic field, moisture, and dust intrusion to prevent the information from faded magnetic, mildew, rust and qualitative changes. 2 hours fire protection products have been found UL certification in 2008.

General Construction

Each drawer front has an overall thickness of 72mm insulated with Regal’s proved fire-resistant composite. Proofing materials used are also asbestos-free, providing a reliable formulation that is stable, well aerated and will not deteriorate with age.


Each drawer is fitted using heavy-duty rails and bearings for smooth and lasting operation, with no lubrication needed. Each bottom drawer is also fitted with a spring day catch bolt for optional individual control. Each drawer is designed to fit most paper hoists and will accommodate most types of box files.


2 options are available using both a 3-wheel keyless combination lock and pin-tumbler keylocks.

Option (Central Locking)

·One 3-wheel keyless combination lock and one keylock on the top drawer giving control to all drawers.

Option (Individual Locking)

·One 3-wheel keyless combination lock and one keylock on the top drawer, giving control to all drawers, plus one keylock for each other drawer.


Light gray scratch—resistant power based finish.


By installing uniquely designed, high-tech D.P.B. inside the filing cabinet drawer, we manage to raise the cabinet’s fire-resistant capability substantially. While the cabinet body is subject to the required 1-hour high testing temperature of 1,000, the internal temperature of the D.P.B. is contained around 43. This result meets the stipulated standards of both the UL and the JIS for 1-hour fire protection of computer-based media.

In addition, the D.P.B. has strong characteristics of anti-magnetism and tight seal. As such, it can effectively prevent the attack from magnetic field, moisture and dust, thereby ensuring the continuous security of the computerized data inside it.


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